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Shree Ma Ayurveda Institute & Wellness Centre, Inc. offers authentic, comprehensive knowledge and treatments in accord with the ancient classical texts of Ayurveda, following the structure of courses taught in India’s finest Ayurveda institutions.

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The courses offered at Shree Ma Ayurveda Institute & Wellness Centre, Inc. aim equip students with the tools they need to bring the wholistic knowledge of Ayurvedic healthcare to their family and community, through courses, seminars, the media, articles and involvement in research projects.

Shree Ma’s unique teaching approach engages students in active learning through questions and group discussions, rather than just through memorizing facts. We train our students to think like Ayurveda scientists, always seeking wholistic solutions.

Vaidya Hemant Gupta has designed Shree Ma’s courses for your optimum learning, according to the latest research on brain’s learning capacities. Studies have shown that the brain’s ability to learn and assimilate new knowledge is greatly enhanced when students are actively involved in the learning process. We invite you to learn more about our educational programs and rejuvenating treatments!