Ayurveda Health Practitioner (AHP)

Core Program Length: 500 hours
This program is certified by the Canadian Ayurveda Medical Association with a combined credit towards the 500 hour yoga teacher training certification. Students are also required to complete 2 of the elective program package options to round out their training.

With this training become ready for a fulfilling and rewarding career in Ayurveda. On completion of this 500 hour program, the practitioner will be able to:

  • Assess the client’s Ayurvedic body-mind type and state of balance and imbalance
  • Customize his/her own wellness program with proper use of diet, lifestyle routine, yoga and meditation
  • Apply protocols for restoring balance and wellness for common health conditions
  • Diagnose using pulse and tongue for the early detection and understanding of imbalances in the different areas of the body

Ayurveda Spa Technician

Program Length: 150 hours

This course will qualify you as a first rate Ayurveda Spa Technician, capable of offering numerous authentic Ayurvedic therapy sessions with herbal oils customized to your clients’ body-mind type and needs. On completion of this 200 hour program, the technician will be able to:

  • Perform several Marma Therapy protocols for various imbalances
  • Give an Ayurvedic Head Massage and Shirodhara
  • Complete a luxurious 1 1⁄2 hour full body Abhyanga

Marma Therapy Practitioner

Program Length: 100 hours

Marma Therapy is an excellent complement to the Panchakarma Rejuvenation Programs, as well as being a therapy of its own. It addresses specific imbalances and weakness in the physiology by restoring and regulating the flow of vital energy in the body.

Ancient Ayurveda texts describe 107 marma points in network with the chakras, and their great therapeutic value. Marma means “vital significance” or “essence”. Each point is associated with a particular area or system in the body which it regulates and coordinates its functioning with the body as a whole.

The gentle application of specific marma oils on these points helps develop the health and longevity of the body and mind and restores the self healing process.

Ayurveda Wellness Consultant

Program Length: 150 hours

Based in the philosophies of Ayurveda, the Science of Life, this course will provide effective hands on knowledge.

Ayurveda Nutritionist

Program Length: 200 hours

This certification program will teach the principles of Ayurvedic nutrition for healing and wellness according to an individual’s unique constitution, along with the proper use of spices to enhance and modify the beneficial qualities of foods for dosha and seasonal balance. Ayurvedic nutritionists will learn how to guide people to effectively make changes in their diet, improve digestion, and implement an Ayurvedic daily routine to promote healing and balance, including specific recipes for meals.

Ayurveda Herbalist

Program Length: 200 hours

In this certification program students will learn the principles of Ayurvedic pharmacology, including the taste, attributes, potency, combinations, and properties of food and important Western and Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurveda herbalists will be able to prepare simple herbal recipes to correct and prevent specific health conditions, as well as maintain the health of individual constitutions.

Vedic Astrology

Program Length: 50 hours

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm. There is total interconnectedness between the planets and an individual’s state of health, constitution, and tendencies. In order to make the practice of Ayurveda complete, it is important to understand the influences beyond personal actions. To live life in harmony with Nature, it is necessary to prevent health issues through knowledge of celestial influences and impacts.

Sanskrit Language Course

Program Length: 50 hours
Sanskrit is the original Vedic language in which the Ayurvedic texts have been written. For those who want to learn the terms, definitions, and key slokas with poetic definitions of health and Ayurvedic principles, this course will help to give a mastery of feeling and pronunciation that give connectedness, grounding, and authority as a speaker. This course will teach students to read, write, and speak key words and verses to validate and authenticate important subjects. The practitioner will have a better command of the glossary of Ayurvedic terms through completion of this course.