Shree Ma Ayurveda Institute and Wellness Centre offers a wide range of authentic Ayurvedic treatments designed to balance the body, mind and emotions. To arrange a consultation with Vaidya Gupta, please call (613) 422-0936 and we’ll be happy to custom-design a regimen of dietary recommendations, herbal supplements and/or treatments for you!

We offer the full panchakarma purification program at Shree Ma, along with the following individual treatments:


Invigorating: A luxurious full body massage: This application of warm herbalized oils by two technicians is synchronized to effectively remove toxins and stress that have accumulated in the tissues of the body.

Vedic Facial

Rejuvenating: A complete facial treatment with the added touch of herbalized oils gently applied to marma points to enliven the radiant beauty inherent to facial skin.

Marma Therapy

Reconnecting: A gentle application of essential oils on marma/acupressure points to increase the flow of vital energy known as prana which stimulates the self-healing process that restores health and promotes longevity.


Restoring: This steam and customized oil treatment clears nasal passages giving relief of sinus conditions and allergies. Drawing a deep breath will be a pleasure.

Pada Abhyanga

Releasing: Ayurveda foot care treatment applies herbalized oil on all the marma points of the feet. By stimulating the foot marma points, connections are made at the subtlest level of the nervous system for release of emotional stress.

Netra Tarpana: Eyes

Rejuvenating: This provides improved vision with beautiful eyes and strengthening of eye muscles.

Shiro Abhyanga

Comforting: This Vedic head massage is very slow and gentle. Warmed herbalized oils are applied with specific movements that sooth and relax the nervous system.


Stimulating: This herbalized stream bath increases the blood circulation through out the body which promotes the release of impurities in the tissues.


Relaxing: A Warm thin stream of oil is slowly directed to flow over the forehead. This therapy relaxes the nervous system allowing both the mind and body to release stress.

Karna Pooran: Ears

Relief: Cleansing treatment of ears and sinus, gives relief of any imbalance in these passages.

Kawal Gandush: Mouth

Renewal: The strengthening of gums, teeth, voice quality, and much more.

Basti Program

Detoxification: There are 3 program choices. Each program is carefully designed for the individual’s need.